I should be on TV…

Posted: 25/05/2010 in Humour
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Okay, so this is my first attempt at a ‘blog’, or ‘blog page’ or whatever else you might wanna call it. I hope it’s right, appears in the correct place within my site, and makes some semblance of sense to you all. If not, tough shit. It’s my blog…

Anyway, I have digressed already.

I should be on TV. It’s true. Last night, on Comedy Central, I was watching Grumpy Old Men. I believe there is now also a Grumpy Young Men version which may be a more appropriate forum for a chap of my tender young age. (The kinder amongst you may agree.)

There are so many things in life that piss me off. I could have an entire programme to myself, lasting an hour or more (with no advert breaks – unheard of in todays TV world – and ironically, this in itself is one of the things that really gets on my moobs) in which I could vent my spleen about such things as:

  • bad driving (lane hoggers, people who don’t speed and the like);
  • bad manners and general etiquette;
  • people who disapprove of swearing (which, I might add, I love);
  • ‘text’ or ghetto speak (ya no wat i meen innit bruv);
  • people who mis-use the words “their”, “there” and “they’re”;
  • tofu (I mean, what is its point, really?);
  • the aforementioned excessive TV advert breaks in programmes (a 1 hour programme consists of at least 15 minutes of woeful ad breaks);
  • Lady Gaga (what a pointless clout);
  • Mika (what an even bigger waste of skin);
  • Football and footballers (grown men being paid vast sums of money to kick a sack of wind round a field);
  • Harry Potter (sorry, I just didn’t get it – and I don’t want to. Ever);
  • El Divo (what bellends they truly are);
  • Britain’s Got Talent (when it clearly hasn’t in 99.8% of cases);

I could go on. And I’d like to. But you’re just gonna have to wait to see me on TV for more of the same…

  1. Emma - BB says:

    Mika and Gaga are great…however I agree with the Harry Potter comment.

    A good first blog, it made me laugh whilst on the train home. x

  2. Anilu Magloire says:

    “people who mis-use the words “their”, “there” and “they’re” Oh, gawd kill them all.
    And the “your/you’re” assholes??? Kill those too!

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