Shitty behaviour

Posted: 26/05/2010 in Filth & Smut, Humour
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Some people really are disgusting. And I mean really grim…

I arrived at work this morning and, after the usual activity of turning the phones off night service, opening a few windows (yes, it is warm in my office, even at 8am), filing a few overnight reports that had run and then making myself a cup of tea, I decided to visit the little boys room for a tinkle. (I realise this particular piece of information won’t (or shouldn’t, anyway) interest you but, as I’ve said before, this is my blog.)

As I approached ‘trap 2’ (as we affectionately refer to it in my office), I was greeted by the sight of dried on ‘Bungles Finger’ residue on the back on the pan. And below the waterline, it resembled the start/finish line at a F1 racing circuit.

Someone clearly cannot operate a shit-house brush, and also has an oddly angled balloon-knot, given the evident trajectory of their spatterings.

I don’t know who it was for sure, but I have a fair idea. (And no, not because of the look, colour or anything to do with the actual turdage itself.)

I’m tempted to name and shame them, but without proof I probably shouldn’t. Perhaps an email round to everyone reminding them where the toilet duck and bog-brush are located would be a more appropriate and subtle method of avoiding any repeat performances.

It’s not just me being overly sensitive, is it?


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