Eastbourne: Not just for woolly-heads

Posted: 29/08/2010 in Uncategorized
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So, I’m currently down at the coast staying with my Dad over the bank holiday weekend. I’ve had a very busy and stressful time at work over the past few months, so a proper getaway was welcome.

Also, my Dad and I are both curry-monsters, so the time we spend together down here in Eastbourne is an (un)healthy mix of indian food, visits to the pub, other takeaways, fry-ups and more beer…

As ever, the common misconception about Eastbourne is that it’s full of coffin dodgers, woolly-heads and old cunts who stink of piss, lavender and herbal cigarettes.

I’m just here to tell you that’s all bollocks. I’m sure there are one or two pissy old bints down here – they’re everywhere, like shit in a field – but Eastbourne is, in fact, quite up and coming. There are lots of bars, clubs and restaurants in the area, with colleges nearby, meaning a good healthy mix of young clout for dirty old bastards like me to perv over. And I do – often.

Anyway, just a quick little ditty to say that I love Eastbourne. I enjoy coming down here, staying with my Dad, being unhealthy and re-charging my batteries. Granted, the closest to the sea I get is wandering down to the pub at the harbour, but that’s good enough for me!

  1. Anilu Magloire says:

    Enjoy, baby! Being unhealthy’s just too delicious not to 😉

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