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I’m fed up of having the wonders of High Definition (or HD) shoved down my throat at the start of every single programme I watch on Sky, during every (and there are fucking hundreds of them) advert break, and throughout the Sky customer magazine. “Even better*/funnier*/clearer*/sadder*/ more scary*/more romantic* (*delete as appropriate) – in HD”.

Oh, do fuck off.

Sky HD customers get a better EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) where you can preview a channel without leaving the planner. So? Freeview boxes have been delivering that functionality for years anyway – for FREE. Everyone should have it by default, not just those amongst us who choose to take HD subscriptions. HD viewers also get to ‘stack’ their recorded series-linked programmes together, rather than in date order – admittedly a handy feature.

So why am I’m made to feel like a second-class citizen just because I don’t want to pay extra for a Sky+HD box I don’t need, and an additional £10 a month Sky HD subscription (on top of the standard and multi-room subscriptions I already have), just to watch a few channels which sometimes broadcast in HD, and invariably show shit programmes I’m not interested in anyway?

The truth is, unless you watch a lot of sport, or subscribe to film channels (which I don’t), HD is a waste of time and money.

I’ve compared the two and, to be honest, can get almost the same result by changing my TV picture settings to ‘Dynamic’, turning my powersaving features off, whacking up the contrast to maximum, and turning up the volume a bit. All of which costs me precisely fuckity-squat.

You may think I’m a scrooge. Or a pikey. Or both. Or just a grumpy bastard. And you may be right.

But whatever I am, I’m ‘it’ in SD.


Well, the title pretty much says it all really, doesn’t it?

Normal Andrex is fine, but the quilted stuff seems to cause me trouble.

Bet you’re glad you stopped by now…

That is all.