Isla: What a difference a year makes!

Posted: 16/03/2012 in Family
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So, today is Isla’s (my Nieces) first Birthday! I got to see her on the actual day itself, ahead of her first Birthday party tomorrow. I couldn’t help thinking back to this time last year, over at Maidstone hospital… You can read my blog entry from back then here.

She was so tiny, so weak, so small, so helpless… And now, a year on, she’s got two teeth in her head, is almost walking, has more hair than her Daddy, and is as strong, fit and healthy as ever a girl was!

I’m bursting with pride as to what amazing parents Claire and Danny have become, and to being part of such a fantastic family.

Happy Birthday Isla. I love you ♥ xxxx

  1. Snizzles says:

    That’s lovely, #uncleHoff xxx 🙂 happy birthday bubba x

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