Neknomination: My take

Posted: 03/02/2014 in Serious
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I’ve been pissed, but I’ve never needed anything more than sleep, water and a couple of paracetamols to get over it the following day. I’ve certainly never needed hospitalisation.

Harmless, amusing challenges with no associated risk are one thing, but there’s a difference between having a drink (or indeed several) and drinking yourself (literally) to death.

The bottom line is that Irish DJ, who is now dead, wouldn’t have been if he hadn’t been challenged to do it in the first place, and been fucking stupid enough to actually attempt it. In fact, I believe there have been two deaths associated with this craze over the weekend. Needless deaths.

Sadly, these people have no one to blame but themselves for their untimely demises. But I doubt that’s any comfort to their grieving family and friends.

Just my opinion. Everyone’s gonna do what they’re gonna do aren’t they.


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